serving the Greater Lansing, mi area

Vision Statement, Goals & Philosophy


To train a community of people who seek the kingdom of God first and his righteousness, disregarding personal cost or sacrifice. We as God’s people are committed to living every day the way the Word of God tells us, demonstrating the life of Christ through actions such as studying the Bible, prayer, worship, care for each other and influencing the world for Christ.



To effectively proclaim the good news of the Gospel so that those who do not know God might be brought into a living relationship with Jesus as their Lord and joined as part of the church.

To train God’s people to be mature in their ministry and service, contributing more than they consume, a godly influence on the world around them.

To raise up leaders who can effectively train others in living a godly life and who will be available to start new communities as the Holy Spirit directs.

To train up our succeeding generations of children to know what God has planned for them and the church and to equip them in every way possible to do the will of God.



Our philosophy of ministry causes us to willingly embrace the cross, die to self and become alive to Christ in regard to our personal rights and expectations. This philosophy requires us to serve each other, be committed to each other’s godly success and, most of all, to lay down our lives for the cause of Christ.

To do this we must be able to count on each other to:

  1. Live according to God’s Word, the Bible.
  2. Be committed to living out our covenant to this church family by tithing and by generous giving to the community, the poor, and to one another as unto Christ.
  3. Pray and support each other.

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