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Frequently asked questions

The Church

The Church

Q. What kind of church are you?

Labels other than those the Bible uses are difficult to apply to the church. This makes it hard to give a quick answer like “Baptist,” “Methodist,” “Catholic,” or “charismatic.” We are simply Christians who believe that God’s Word is the rule for faith and describes how we should treat each other.

Q. Are you associated with a group of churches?

Yes, we are connected by the Holy Spirit generally to all believers who are part of the body of Christ, the church. In addition, we are joined specifically to a group of churches working together called, Lifelink.

Q. How are you governed?

Church government as demonstrated in Scripture is through elders. These men are not elected, but chosen based on a clear anointing of the Holy Spirit to do the job. The elders of Liberty are accountable to an apostolic team as the elders in Corinth or Colossae in the New Testament might have been to Paul, Timothy or Apollos. In addition, apostles and prophets (ministries mentioned in Ephesians 4) are responsible to help equip and encourage the church as we demonstrate the Gospel to the world around us.

Q. How do I join the church?

You join Liberty Christian Church by first joining the body of Christ. That is done by recognizing that you are a sinner and need a Savior; repenting or turning from a life of sin and giving Jesus Christ ownership of your life; believing God that the blood of Jesus on the cross was the full payment for your sin; and being baptized in water.

Q. What happens then?

Read the vision statement, pray, and see if the Holy Spirit is joining you as part of this local church family. If you feel this to be so, speak to one of the elders, and at the appropriate time you will have the opportunity to publicly express what you feel God has put on your heart.

Q. What importance do you place on worship?

A Christian life is to be the happiest of all lives and nowhere is this more obvious than when we sing and worship God. The Psalms tell us to worship with cymbals, instruments, joyful shouting and dancing. Worship is a simple reflection of our love and joy toward God.

Q. Do you serve communion?

We highly value the importance of “The Table of the Lord” and make a weekly practice of taking communion together and reciting the apostle’s creed.

Q. What do you mean when you say,”Kingdom of God”? Isn’t that heaven?

In the Lord’s prayer Jesus said to pray, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” So, while the kingdom is in heaven, it is not heaven. The word in the Bible for kingdom can just as accurately be translated “rule” or “government.” The “kingdom” of God is therefore the “rule” of God. When you obey Christ as Lord of your life, you bring the kingdom (rule) of Christ to your life.

Q. What is the most important thing about living a Christian life?

The most important aspect of the Christian life is the grace of God. We are all absolutely dependent on God’s grace. Our lives are not lived according to rules or laws, but by a new life. Being born by the Spirit means having a new heart and a new nature. Once we were sinners, now we have been saved by grace and have been made righteous to live totally dependent on God for all that we do. Knowing this, we learn to love God more and more and enjoy Him every day of our lives. Christianity is the most exciting life on the face of the earth.

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